Since the role of Public Relations is making sure that every single public is informed for an appropriate decision-making, En-Comunicación manages its communication , through a large variety of services that were born out of specific needs of each client and are expressed in an integral communication:

Media Relations

Any companies have to maintain a proactive communication policy, since it is the base of a reputation. The image the public has of your company depends on the right broadcast of the company through the media, to the great extent. For this reason, our communication agency develops strategies that deal with interesting subjects, which bring a lot of information.

Media Training

Being capable of connecting with the media is essential for you. Bringing an coherent and interesting message, and an appropriate development from the speaker are some of the objectives we try to reach through practical and theoretical sessions that we realize in our public relations agency.

Community Relations

Just like companies, people do not live isolated and they have an interaction with the places where they established, that is why in our communication agency we develop plans focused on generating empathy between organizations and community, and a positive impact on the latter.

Internal Communication

Since they are the ones who spread messages and  they are one of the most valued resources  in any firms, collaborators are key agents for the growth of any companies, hence the necessity of maintaining a clear and attractive communication with them. In our communication agency, we develop strategies that allow to generate positive changes in organizations through concrete and creative messages.


When it comes to inform for influencing, we develop and implement the right strategy to reach decision makers, in a licit and transparent way, in favor of our partners’ interests.

New Media

Every day we use more communication channels to address young people, or to go beyond the frontiers of your country, hence the importance of a strategy which would comprehend personalized emails, use of new communication channels, social networks, web marketing, etc.

Personal Branding

Along with Thinking Heads, a talent representation agency, we provide the best consultancy in personal branding, based on ideas development, online positioning, blog content development, social networks, media, conferences and literary agency service.


In our agency, we deal with the logistic of any internal or external social activity that a company would like to realize. We organize inaugurations, launches, conferences, seminaries, conventions, presentations, anniversaries, etc.

Creativity & Design

We create a name, logotype or slogan for your brand, develop a brand book and its applications, and we write, diagram, print and publish every content your organization needs, both printed or online.

Advertising & Promotion

We build your media plan and produce your advertising campaign and its schedule in radio, TV, cinema, Internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.
We also execute BTL promotions.

Audiovisual Production

We produce audio and video for specific publics, and also for massive audiences, such as workshops for business or organizations, and advertising campaigns.

Market Research

We do market research, perception polls, competition research, corporative image research, branding research, public opinion research, organizational climate research. Through focus groups, quality interviews and content analysis etc. our public relations agency can be based on real data to establish the best strategies.
We offer you different options for you to succeed in getting and maintaining a good corporate image, aiming at selling your ideas, products or services.